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Self Assessment Tax Returns

Why go through all that hassle and worries of filling in your own tax return when you can outsource it for as little as £75.00 + Vat. Let our team of experts deal with all your tax affairs, ranging from incomes, pensions, investment, rentals to employment benefits & expenses.

We will assist you by handling all your tax returns and ensure that all your paper works are handled in online to avoid any penalties. Send you a full copy and explanatory notes and deal with HM Revenue on your behalf.


Self assessment tax returns are necessary for a number of people including the self-employed, ministers and company directors. When going through a tax return, the inexperienced taxpayer will be faced with numerous questions. Have I forgotten to include something? Which year is this information related to? Have I filled in the correct boxes and provided the relevant information? We understand how complex the self assessment tax returns can seem, and we aspire to help you with all your tax return needs.


The size and detail of the form can be a daunting prospect. Many people struggle to complete the complicated tax return making the term ‘self-assessment’ sound very inappropriate and rather ludicrous! Consisting of 10-20 pages, there may be some parts that you struggle to understand. By completing the form despite the lack of relevant knowledge on key areas, many people make costly mistakes possibly leading to extra tax liability and similar problems. Since the Self assessment tax returns is a difficult task, many people delay it thus leading to the inevitable: a missed deadline. Missing a deadline leads to an instant £100 fine and the longer you delay, the worse the penalties become. At Adapt Accountancy, we aim to remove this burden from your shoulders and complete all the relevant forms for you. Changes to tax law make the self assessment tax returns even more difficult to comprehend. With all the necessary information such as receipts and invoices, we can complete your self assessment tax returns quickly and efficiently ensuring you don’t incur any fines.


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Our team of experts will deal with all your tax affairs, ranging from incomes, pensions, investments and rentals to employment benefits and expenses. We will assist you by handling all your tax returns and we ensure that all your paperwork is handled promptly and efficiently to avoid any monetary penalty. We will also send you a full copy and explanatory notes in addition to dealing with the HM Revenue & Customs on your behalf.

For further information with regards to the self assessment tax returns, please see our Self Assessment Tax Returns FAQ. Our FAQ page aims to simplify the topic of tax returns and make the whole process easier for you.

We can help you to put the spotlight back on your core business, for self assessment tax returns please contact us today to find out how we can help you or call us at 0121 288 8889.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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